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5 easy steps to guarantee a perfect semester start in Germany

The summer semester is just around the corner! The first months in a new country could be challenging and confusing sometimes. We have prepared a nice set of updates and useful recommendations for you to make the transition a little easier?

Step 1: Set up your pay-outs in the Fintiba App.

First things first – make sure that you can easily access your money upon arrival. Set up your pay-outs directly from your phone in our brand new Fintiba App that is available for download on App Store and Play Store. From now on you can easily access your documents, complete important to-dos & track your progress on the go, all in one app.

  • Check your Balance anytime, anywhere and have real-time control over your funds.
  • Receive push-notifications that keep you up-to-date at all times. Know your next steps and never get lost in the process again.
  • Save time by uploading your documents directly from your phone.

By the way, did you know that our app is now also available In Chinese? You can switch your language preferences in the settings of your account 

Please remember – without a German current account, we cannot send you any money. We recommend you to get a WISE account now, completely online and free of charge.


Step 2: Boost your language skills with Deutsch Perfekt.

You might as well want to start practising your German? Here is a small gift for you: a free 3-month subscription to Deutsch Perfekt (the subscription automatically ends without you needing to actively cancel it). Just fill in a short form and select whether you want to receive digital or printed issues.

Designed specifically for language learners, this magazine offers training materials, articles and news on the most relevant topics. You can expand your vocabulary, learn grammar and discover the peculiarities of living in Germany. Without a doubt, a really cool way to learn German!


Step 3: Protect yourself with Liability Insurance.

In Germany, if you accidentally damage another person’s property or injure someone in everyday life, you are liable for all your private assets. This is why it is highly recommended to protect yourself against that risk with liability insurance. Also, many landlords will ask for it before you sign your rental contract.

From now on you can get it in your personal Fintiba account – fast, easy & secure! >Read more about it here


Step 4: Make Friends in the Fintiba Community.

We invite you to join our Fintiba Community on Facebook!

In this group you can ask questions, share different hints and tips, meet up and learn everything about daily life in Germany – or simply have fun and connect with fellow students. With more than 1000 members, our community is a perfect place to get useful insights into student life in Germany.


Step 5: Watch our #feelslikehome video.

Studying in Germany offers great career opportunities. And even though the life of international students in Germany is challenging sometimes, most of the time it is eventful and very exciting. Definitely worth a movie, in our opinion? Watch our video to learn more about Yenu’s story – an international student from Chongqing (China) who came to Germany in 2016.


>Watch it in German        >Watch it in Chinese      >Watch it on Zhihu

We wish you a great start into the new semester!

With ❤️ from Frankfurt


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