German blocked amount increase from 853 Euros to 861 Euros

Official statement of the German Federal Foreign Office regarding the blocked amount increase

Many students have been contacting us in recent days about the increase in the blocked amount from 853 Euros to 861 Euros, as per the requirement from some German Foreign Offices abroad as well as across Germany.

As Fintiba is interested in providing only authentic information from the authorities to our students we got in direct contact with the Auswärtiges Amt (Federal Foreign Office). According to them, there is no final decision on the exact amount yet. In fact, the blocking amount is based on the specifications of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, which annually announces the amount to be proven in the following year. For the year 2021, this announcement has not yet been made in accordance with § 2 Abs. 3 S. 7 AufenthG – German Residence Act. However, the official announcement of the Federal Ministry of the Interior is expected within the next few days.

Should the blocked amount be increased?

We therefore always recommend clarifying the exact requirements with the responsible authority. However, as we have already experienced many cases in which the foreigner’s authority here in Germany has demanded the higher amount of 861 Euros, we suggest choosing the higher amount to be on the safer side and avoid last-minute stress. The final decision of the required blocked amount is made by the responsible local foreign office. They can base their final decision on the personal situation of a visa applicant. Scholarships, for example, can lead to lower requirements while higher living costs in some cities might lead to additional blocking requirements.

Additionally, there are certain kinds of visa that require a 10%-increase of the standard monthly blocked amount. This applies to visa for the recognition of foreign qualifications, visa for language acquisition and visa for the purpose of applying for a course of study or apprenticeship (§§ 16d, 16f (1), 17 AufethG – German Residence Act). Meaning for language students as well as for job-seekers. If you plan to apply for one of the mentioned visas, please make sure to increase the monthly amount by 10%. In case you are doing a preparatory language course and are already accepted by a German university, this rule does not apply for you.

Fast and easy increase of the blocked amount within the Fintiba account

Easing the journey to Germany has always been our top priority and therefore we have made the process of adjusting the blocked amount as simple as it could be. The amount can easily be changed by the students themselves in the Fintiba account. The amount can be easily changed by the students themselves in their Fintiba account. To do so, they simply go to the “Blocked Account” card in the Fintiba account, where they can change the blocked amount according to their needs by clicking on “Change Blocked Amount”. To do this, a smartphone must be connected to the account. Once the changes have been made, students can transfer the missing difference, so that the blocking confirmation is automatically reissued as soon as the money arrives on the account.