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everything you need to know about Blocked Account opening in Germany

German Blocked Account requirement (Sperrkonto) 

Most of you probably know that Germany today is one of the most attractive countries for international studies.  All together, there are more than 400 educational institutions opening their doors for students from all over the world. However, certain requirements need to be fulfilled in order to be eligible to move and study in Germany.

Apart from normal entry requirements from universities, there are also some governmental prerequisites that need to be paid attention to by students from non-EU countries, specifically when applying for a German visa and taking care of all the related formalities.

Today we would like to talk about the proof of financial resources that needs to be provided to the embassies in order to demonstrate that a student is capable of financing himself/herself during the stay in Germany. One of the most common ways to do so is to open a Blocked Account in a German bank.

What is a Blocked Account?

This is a special type of a German bank account that was created specifically for internationals willing to come to Germany with the purpose of studying, job-searching or participating in the au-pair program.


The account has to be opened at a German bank while you are still at your home country preparing your documents


The idea behind is that students have to ensure that they have sufficient funds to secure their stay


have to be blocked for every month that you are planning to stay in Germany. This would be € 10,332.00 for one year.*

* Information for language students and job seekers:

Please check the required sum at the website of the local embassy. There are certain kinds of visa that require a 10%-increase of the standard monthly blocked amount. This applies to the following types of visa: visa for the recognition of foreign qualifications, visa for language acquisition and visa for the purpose of applying for a course of study or apprenticeship (§§ 16d, 16f (1), 17 AufethG – German Residence Act). If you plan to apply for one of the mentioned visas, please make sure to increase the monthly amount by 10% (to € 948.00).

The process behind it

Apply for your Blocked Account

Make sure you apply early enough so that you have time to prepare everything for your visa appointment at the embassy

Verify your identity and upload the required documents

Carefully follow all the necessary guidelines
Your Blocked Account it opened!

Transfer the required funds

Double-check the amount money that needs to be transferred. Pay attention to international transfer fees and conversion rates.
Blocking Confirmation is issued

Go to your visa appointment

Present all the documents and obtain your German visa

Arrive in Germany

Follow further instructions and receive monthly pay-outs from your Blocked Account (note that is not possible to receive all of the money at once)

Blocked Account Check-List   

  • Check the requirements for a Blocked Account at the local embassy
  • Apply for your blocked account in advance
  • Make sure that you open the account under your own name
  • Check that your Blocked Account is approved by the Federal Foreign Office

Best time to open a Blocked Account

We recommend that you take care of your Blocked Account in advance and apply for it as soon as you receive a confirmation of your studies in Germany. International transfers normally take some time and there is always a risk of unexpected complications. You don’t want to be late with the documents for your visa appointment, don’t you?

Hints and Tips

Choose wisely

Make international transfers easy

This is a big sum of money you are going to transfer. Many local banks get cautious when you send those kind of amounts abroad, especially to someone else’s account. Make sure you open your blocked in your own name and avoid the hassle.

Be informed

Carefully go through the guidelines

Learn everything about the process from the beginning and try to fully understand how it works. It is always important to know exactly what is going to happen to your money and how you can get access to it.

Secure yourself

Take extra money

A lot of unexpected situations could happen when moving to a new country and it might take some time until you get access to your Blocked Account. Make sure you have enough money to cover your expenses until then.

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