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Blocked Account

Save time and open your Sutor Bank blocked account right now. Online and within minutes!


Health Insurance

A health insurance is mandatory in Germany – get your insurance now.



Blocked Account

4.90 / month

A blocked account is required as a proof of financial resources for your student visa application. Together with our partner Sutor Bank we offer a blocked account that can simply be opened online. The whole application and opening process for the blocked account takes around three working days. After opening the account, you will be able to transfer the required amount for your block confirmation and we will promptly issue your block confirmation. The blocked account is offered to persons from Non-EU-Countries except persons with US-Tax status. Who is treated as a ‘US-Person’ and why we are unfortunately not able to offer accounts for US-Persons can be found in the Help Section.

  • Initial fee of only € 89.00
  • No hidden top-up fees - guaranteed!
  • Officially approved by the German Federal Foreign Office
  • Accelerate your visa application
  • Online account opening
    The opening of the blocked account is processed fully online. As a first step, you will be asked to upload a copy of your passport and a tax document in order to complete a so-called pre-verification. After your arrival in Germany, a final legitimation is compulsory for pay-out of the money on a current account offered by many banks in Germany.
  • Powered by Sutor Bank

    The blocked account in offered by and solely opened at Sutor Bank (Max Heinr. Sutor OHG). Fintiba is assigned by Sutor Bank to manage customer support and communication. For more information, please visit our help section. Regulatory notice: Fintiba does not provide own banking products.

Health Insurance

Starting at € 35.70 / month

The price of € 35.70 refers to the young travel incoming insurance offered by our partner HanseMerkur, which is a private health insurance. Detailed information is available here. The price of the governmental health insurance offered by DAK Gesundheit is € 84.00 per month including long-term insurance care for persons up to 35 years and students enrolled for up to 14 semesters in 2016. From 2017 onwards other prices may be valid. For persons over 35 years different pricing will be applied. Detailed information is available here. Of course, both insurances can be purchased online.

  • Individually tailored insurance solutions
    To offer you the best service possible, we have set up special processes to apply and settle your insurances online with our partners DAK and HanseMerkur. Moreover, a private liability insurance can be made available via HanseMerkur. Just contact us for further information.
  • Your insurance can be made available upon arrival (Incoming Insurance)
    The governmental health insurance is only valid from your enrolment date or start of your studies. Prior to the start of your studies, a so-called ‘incoming insurance’ is necessary in order to still protect you in case of illness. Such a ‘young travel incoming insurance’ can be purchased and will be managed and processed by our partner HanseMerkur.
  • Monthly termination possible
  • Receive a free ISIC-Card with DAK!
  • Additional fees for Incoming-Insurance might be required


“Tailored to the needs of international students, we offer products, help and advice to those who are planning to study in Germany. Flexible duration contracts and individual product solutions are our goal to facilitate and ease your everyday life going forward. So don’t worry about complexity. We’re here to help.“

B. Krieghoff
- Bastian Krieghoff, Managing Director


Studying abroad requires good preparation. You will most likely have many questions when you consider studying at a German university– questions about Germany as a country, its university landscape but also various organisational topics such as visa, insurance or accommodation. We can help!



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  • A statutory health insurance is available for everyone in Germany (get more details)
  • Student tariffs are only valid for students up to the age of 35 years; different tariff conditions will apply for older students
  • Pricing for students up to the age of 35 in 2016 is 92,94€ including a long term nursing care insurance
  • Cost coverage for the prevention and treatment of primary diseases
  • Free co-insurance for your spouse and children
  • Bonus points and attractive rewards available to encourage an active, healthy lifestyle
  • Receive a free ISIC card (International Student Identification Card)
  • No outlay of treatment costs necessary by the insured person due to direct billing between the insurance and the doctor/hospital
  • Additional Young Travel Incoming Insurance is available for the weeks prior to your official enrolment
  • Tariffs starting at 35,70€ - (get more details)
  • Choose between a basic and a premium tariff - ( more details here)
  • Payment via PayPal, credit card or transfer is accepted
  • Health insurance coverage for up to 5 years of your stay (more information)
  • No cost coverage for primary diseases
  • Direct billing of treatment costs with the insured person - reimbursement of the treatment costs by the insurer afterwards