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Blocked Account for people under 18

Many countries have different rules for minors, especially when it comes to bureaucratic matters. This also applies to the blocked account, which in Germany cannot be opened by minors alone without further permission. With Finiba you can now easily open your blocked account from everywhere. All you need is your parents to open the account for you. You can then use this account which is approved by all German embassies to obtain your visa for Germany.

Please note: The only precondition is that the passport of one of your parents is eligible for video legitimation. Find out via our checking tool below.

Find out quickly if your passport is eligible for video legitimation

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Blocked Account


Blocked Account opening in less than 10 minutes


Blocked Account opening in your name to guarantee security and facilitate international money transfers


Saving on monthly fees in case the visa is rejected


German Euro account (no problems with conversion rates or at local authorities)


Highest security of the money due to the German deposit protection fund


No registration letter (Anmeldung) needed to ensure fast money access in Germany

Save time & money on your international transfer and pay in your money with Fintiba Transfer. Enjoy zero transfer fees, great currency exchange rates as well as a fast & transparent process.

Good to know before opening a blocked account

FAQ for students:

FAQ for parents:

Which health insurance would I need for my stay in Germany?

The health insurance system in Germany is one of the most effective worldwide. The system is based on two types of health insurances – the statutory health insurance (also referred to as governmental health insurance or public health insurance) and private health insurance.

Since citizens from outside of the EU member states are not able to remain insured with their home country’s health insurance, they need to cover themselves with German health insurance.

Depending on your individual situation, you may be eligible for either private or statutory health insurance. Please note that for the minor’s account, health insurance options can currently only be acquired in addition to the blocked account and not within the Fintiba Plus package.