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Free German SIM card for Fintiba clients

Lycamobile, a well-known SIM card provider operating worldwide, has teamed up with Fintiba to offer special conditions for internationals coming to Germany. As a Fintiba customer, you can now order and receive a free German SIM card before you arrive in the country in order to stay connected from your first day in Germany. 


  • First month bundle for free
  • 5 GB data volume
  • EU Data Roaming
  • Unlimited free calls within Germany
  • 250 free minutes for calls within Europe and up to 50 different countries (incl. China, India or Bangladesh)
  • Free SIM card shipment in Germany or to your home country
  • Possibility to recharge the card with any tariff after the first month
  • Vodafone network (D-net quality)
  • Costs for this bundle after the first month: € 14.99

Lycamobile offers Fintiba clients free EU roaming and free calls to certain countries like China, India, South Korea or Bangladesh. In addition, the first month of this offer is free and you can top up your card with the tariff of your choice at any time afterwards.

If your arrival in Germany is not within the next three weeks after ordering, we can also send the SIM card to your home country abroad. Your card will be activated automatically once you have inserted it into your phone and accessed the German mobile phone network.

Follow those steps to get your SIM card

  1. Log into the Fintiba app
  2. Go to “Free SIM Card”
  3. Click on the “Order now” button
  4. Enter the delivery address
  5. Order your free SIM Card

If you do not arrive in Germany within the next three weeks, we will send the card to your home address abroad.